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  • An agreement made between DNA's Music Entertainment (the Artist / Management) and (the Client / Purchaser ), that the client hereby engages the artist/management and the artist/management accepts the engagement to present the following show/ event , at the Venue and on the date (s) and at the salaries / fees stated in the schedule hereto:

  • Load in time will be up to 2 hrs prior to the event, unless discussed prior to the event date. Any load inrequired for more than 2 hrs prior to the event will incure a fee of $50 for each extra 1/2

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    a) The Client agrees to provide for the artist 1 meal ( per band member) anddrink ( beverage / water) for the duration of the event.

    b) The Client agrees to provide a valid parking space for 1 band vehicle forthe duration of the time the artist will be occupying time at the event including set up and break down times )

  • 6) Rain Date

    In the case where a the weather makes it impossible to have an event, the artist will work with the client to the best of their ability to accomodate arain/weather date.

    The client will not have to pay the balance of the fee if an arrangement cannot be met however the deposit is non refundable.

    Rain contingency is decided upon at time of contract agreement

  • 6) Cancellation

    If the client Cancels less than 45 days after signing, without another date proposed, and agreed upon the full payment is due at time of cancellation.

    The client may cancel 45 or more days prior to the event. The balance of the fee is then waived however the deposit is non refundable.

    If the artist needs to cancel at any time , a full refund of any payment will be returned to the client within 30 days of cancellation.

    The artist will make the best effort to inform the client, in a timely manner if conditions beyond their control causes them to back out of performing the event. The artist will also in good faith attempt to fill the spot.

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