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Somerset, New Jersey, 6/5 /2020 

‘Rhona featuring Athenia Henderson is a must listen, buy, download, play. DNA’s Music Entertainment will officially release a single record - ‘Rhona , a song acknowledging coronavirus pandemic, on Friday June 5th, on their website . 

Sounds of Rhona - The digital airwaves are alive with the vibrations of sweet Caribbean music and DNA’s Music is making the waves. The dynamic duo is transitioning to its second release for the year 2020 The heavily anticipated single is craftily entitled “Rhona” and explores the changing times in which we live. This single comes on the heels of a global pandemic that has moved us to deep reflection and innovation. 

Innovation is at the very core of the DNA’s Music  synergy. The new single was created to provide some release in the midst of the uncertainty of this pandemic. As music is often medicine to any pain, DNA’s Music combined Caribbean lingo and the topical issue to bring joy to persons who love music, especially those who have a sweet spot for the Caribbean genre. The DNA’s music  songstress, Athenia shared “I love this traaack..  When it comes up on my playlist I turn up the volume!’ 

Rhona will be available on all major sites including Spotify and Apple Music. The music group can also be found on all major social media platforms through the handle @dnasmusic.. Other developments will be shared to the DNA’s Music socials to keep fans in the loop. Additionally, you can catch up on the group’s previous music while you anticipate the release of Rhona and the other singles slated to hit the entertainment scene later this year. 

DNA is a two-piece full-service musical act, considered almost every time as a full pieced band.  The ‘band’ is based in NJ - USA  but the players, Athenia Henderson and Devon Atherley are from Dominica and Trinidad and Tobago respectively. The duo has been on the scene for more than eight years and has been exploring fusion blends of genres between what is traditionally Caribbean, dancehall, reggae and soca to that of a more pop and North American urban culture. Athenia offers soulful melodies akin to modern-day pop artists, with some saying she reminds them of Lauryn Hill and Devon provides the hypnotic tones of the steel pan. 

DNA’s Music Entertainment - …Enhancing people’s lives through fun creative music expression,.  www.dnasmusic.com 


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This song covers all what corona did and is still doing. For me personally these three months have been hard for me. I just couldn’t cope with being shut in. But just listening to this song I think of corona a different way. Like it was a time to take a pause and relax not knowing what tomorrow will bring but trusting the process. I love the rhythm and the lyrics. Thank you AtheniaDNA.”

— Vanessa Plummer