1. 7six7 DSTM
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After Cat 5 Storm Maria hit Dominica , Athenia Henderson wrote this song to breathe hope into a people devastated. 7six7 DSTM written as an upbeat soca song is my most heartfelt creation to date. 7six7 DSTM ( Don’t Stop The Music ) comes from a place of extreme compassion for a country which largely shaped my life, and will continue to influence my future. After the devastation from Hurricane Maria, all I could do was hope that the Dominicans who survived could some day re find that music in their heart… Athenia Henderson - Song writer / Song Artist 2018

Like a heart beat 7six7 DSTM is the pulse of a nation facing its darkest days, its toughest challenge, its hardest come back. 7six7 DSTM speaks to the strong spirt and resilience of a people deeply rooted in family, community and music Patricia Johnson 2018

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